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We are Nine

Firstly, we wish to say thank you for your continued support. The past year has had its ups and downs with the challenges Covid-19 has brought to us all (more on that later!), but we’ve seen exceptional loyalty from customers and we are grateful to work with you all on some really interesting projects over the past year. We really do enjoy helping create every single product. 

We thought we’d share some personal highlights from the past few months and plans for the year ahead:

Local Charity

We are delighted to continue our support of two fantastic local charities, The Kirkwood and Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice, by being part of their business clubs and getting involved in different fundraising events. We have made charity badges for various re-branding and events and last September as a team we took part in The Big Quiz for Kirkwood and managed to raise £200 for the charity. This year we are looking at taking part in the Midnight Memory Walk and we will be supplying the medals. We do encourage all local Huddersfield peeps to sign up and hopefully we will see you there! 

We’ve also got an exciting project coming up with The Kirkwood and Wild in Art, as we have recently joined what will be the biggest art event in West Yorkshire, Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees. Organised by The Kirkwood, this free public art trail will take place throughout our local community in Kirklees in September and October 2022. 60 Snowdog sculptures will be brought to life based on The Snowman™ and The Snowdog. We’ve recently selected our Snowdog design and can’t wait to start working on this with the artist. We are so excited to share the Snowdog design we’ve sponsored later this year!

So why are Made By Cooper getting involved? We decided to become a sculpture sponsor because it is such an interesting public art event to be brought to Kirklees. It encourages our local community to get together and celebrate local and national artists, whilst also supporting The Kirkwood, an amazing charity who have touched many of our hearts. We are a creative business, so to be involved in this community art event is incredibly exciting and we can’t wait for Snowdogs Support Life, Kirklees to begin later this year!  Found out more here.

A New Home

A new office! From Lion Chambers to New North Parade in Huddersfield town centre we love our new headquarters! Although technically we moved here in Summer 2020, we didn’t actually all get to be together as a full team in our new office until August 2021 because of the on and off working from home guidance due to Covid. We still have many pin walls to create here but we’ve made a start and we are going to make it bigger and better than the old pin wall, if that is even possible?! 


We may have had limited time together as a team over the past year but we did make up for it with our recent Christmas party! We went to The Escaporium in Halifax and we undertook escaping The Haligonian room and Crux Codicillus. We split up into two teams and we all worked well together to make it out in time, with the winning team having nearly 15 minutes to spare! We have much more planned for this year including our 9th birthday party coming up, we’ll be heading to Carousel for a celebratory meal and to play some arcade games, as you can probably tell by now we’re all big kids at heart! 

Supplying Everyone

We’ve worked with a multitude of world renowned companies such as, NHS, BBC, ITV, National Geographic, YouTube, Leon and many more! We’re proud to have created many pins for our National Health Service, including badges that celebrate pride and diversity and pins that show the valiant efforts of those who played a role in diminishing coronavirus.

We designed and produced some custom soft enamel pin badges for Wembley Vaccination Hub who wanted to commemorate vaccinating over 145,000 during the height of the pandemic. They wished to give badges to the vaccination staff members as a symbolic gesture of their achievement and as a special thank you for their tireless efforts during such a difficult time. They came to us with a brief, to include the Wembley Arch and the amount of vaccinations. Our talented in-house designer Luke then worked closely with the client and created a visual proof with a few different ideas and options for them to choose from, and once tweaks and amendments were approved we produced 500 badges for this wonderful client. They were planning to present them at a staff event in October so we do hope all those involved liked their badges as much as we enjoyed making them. This is one way in which you can commemorate an occasion or event with badges you can keep and treasure.

Pedal 4 Pounds 10.5

For the last three rides we have sponsored Pedal 4 Pounds organised by our local team Huddersfield Town. Thanks to Covid there has been a little delay since Pedal 4 Pounds 10 in 2019, but it’s back and labelled Pedal 4 Pounds 10.5 (a slightly smaller event hence the half!) Over the years we have got used to seeing the cyclists wearing the shirts with our logo on the front, however this year they have let us go even further. Some of you know our Made by Cooper pattern - well this year the shirt will be covered in it using the club's famous blue and white. So far the design has been well received and we’re looking forward to seeing it out on the roads (don’t forget to tag us if you see one out!) The previous Pedal for Pounds instalments have raised over a whopping £2 million for charity so far! Find out more about this amazing cause here.

Great Results

We’ve created some long lasting relationships with our wonderful clients and have watched many small businesses grow from strength to strength. For example, we have been working with a wonderful charity called Guts UK to create several promotional products including pin badges, trolley coins, and temporary tattoos. These custom made products helped raise awareness of their charity and they were an alternative way to help with fundraising. Guts UK carried out a social media campaign with their temporary tattoos called #GUTSelfie – take a look for yourself on Instagram! It increased their followers by 250% and their Linktree web-clicks by 550%. We love the creativity of this campaign and the results speak for themselves. It’s been fantastic to learn more about this charity and see how they’ve used these products to help increase brand awareness. 

Five Star Help

Over the last year we’ve received a whopping amount of reviews and 96% of them were 5 stars! We’re happy that you’re happy!

Oh, Covid?

And, it obviously wouldn't be the last 12 months without Covid! We have all faced the uncertainty of the past year and a half with various lockdowns and restrictions, with guidance changing regularly for businesses - I know for a fact Gemma is hoping not to face organising another office rota for quite some time (ever if possible please!) We adapted to working from home well and office rota’s, but tackled quite a few courier delays due to Covid which eventually we did overcome. We really did appreciate customers' patience for their orders, and thankfully we survived the pandemic and came out the other side stronger and more focused on the months ahead.


Thank you for all your continuous support and over the past years - we can’t thank you enough! Here’s to the next 9 years!