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Will You Be Our Valentine?

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about having a partner. There are plenty of people who you can show your love for this Valentine's Day. Spread the love to your family, friends or most importantly yourself. Self-love is more important than ever, especially after the last tough couple of years we’ve all endured. If you’re not spending time with a loved one, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s to a nice hot bath and a good book or watch your favourite series and remind yourself why you deserve love? 

Self-Love Club: The main love of our lives is ourselves and that should be celebrated not just on Valentine’s Day, but all year round. It’s also kind to spread the love and other people deserve to know that too! We love seeing all kinds of self-love designs being turned into pins, so keep them coming! 











Greeting Cards: Pop a pin on a Valentine’s Day card to add an extra sprinkle of love like @t25_pins did. This small business took their VW campervan inspired pins and created fun and quirky cards saying “You’re the Van That I Want” and stuck their VW pin in it. Not only does it create an additional fun element to the car, it also provides a small keepsake that a loved one can cherish forever. Or perhaps you don’t have a greetings card to attach your pins to. Well, you can create your own personalised backing cards and do something similar, but typically on a smaller scale. There is no limit as to what you choose to have on your backing card - any text, any colours, any design! They’re a great way to add additional details through the form of text and illustrations - add your business links, so people can find you with ease! 












Stock: Don’t want to wait around for a custom pin badge? We have the cutest little heart pins in stock that have no minimum order quantity and are budget friendly, making them perfect for small one-off gifts. They come in a wide range of colours, such as pink, gold, rose gold, rainbow, nickel and more, meaning there is the perfect option for everyone. Send them to loved ones as a little pick-me-up or in a thoughtful care package to make someone’s day. What will you create with yours?












So, whether you’re spending Valentine’s with your partner, celebrating Galentine’s Day or indulging in some well deserved self care, we’ve got you! We love seeing your Valentine’s pins, so tag us on social media and there’s a chance we could spread the love and share your pin too!