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Our Partnership With The Kirkwood Charity

The Kirkwood Business Movement is a collective of supporters who are passionate about caring for the most vulnerable in the community with a shared goal of improving quality of life for local people in Kirkwood’s care. Kirkwood provides the best care for those who have a life limiting illness for however long they may need support.

They can help in a range of ways, including: - Specialist advice on all aspects of controlling pain and other symptoms - Emotional support and assessment of your needs - Referral’s to a physiotherapist, occupational therapist or social...

Charity Football Pins

Rastrick Juniors FC is a local football club near Made By Cooper’s headquarters, who offer the highest level of coaching and development for budding young football players. The club provides structured, fun and inclusive football activities for local players and includes over 250 boys and girls with a passion for football. 

Our enamel pins are a great way to raise funds for small grassroots clubs, such as Rastrick Juniors. From the sales of pin badges, you could...

Uses For Enamel Pins

Enamel pins have always been cool to us, but in recent years they’ve gained some more traction (and rightly so!) with the rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest. People from all walks of life now create pin badges and we’re absolutely here for it! Whether you collect pins or wear them, the possibilities are endless, however we’ve compiled a few of our favourites! 

Independent Artist 

People, now more than ever, have a side hustle on the go and to add to that are creating their own line of custom pins. Enamel pins...

Which Enamel Should I Choose? | Soft Vs Hard Enamel

Have you decided to start your pin journey and aren’t sure where to start? There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing your enamel finish. It’s all down to your personal preference. However, we’ve decided to compile the differences between soft and hard enamel to make your decision that little bit easier. 

Soft Enamel 

  • The main distinguishable feature between soft and hard enamel is the texture. If you were to run your fingers over a soft enamel badge, you would...

Go Team GB!

Our amazing athletes are certainly doing us proud at the Olympics and are winning medals left, right and centre. Perhaps Team GB have inspired you to push yourself and your team further in your field of expertise - they’ve certainly motivated us! If you’re acting like an Olympian, it’s only fair you get treated like one too! 

Show Recognition

Custom medals are the perfect reward for any achievement no matter what area you’re in  whether that be sports, business or something completely different! Our medals are a great way to show your gratitude towards someone and their efforts. As human beings we crave recognition, so...