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International Women’s Day

Today we celebrate women from all over the globe. It’s a chance to commemorate women’s history, see how far they have come over the years and strive for better equality in the future. There are many ways you can show your feminist pride, but of course our favourite form is through pins. Wear your pins on your jacket or lapel to spread feminist flair in style. 

We celebrate the fantastic creation’s made by our lovely ladies all year round, not just on International Women’s Day. But, today we’d like to give them an extra special shoutout and showcase some products designed by some incredible women...

Meet The Team - Introducing Zoey

Next up in our mini-series of Employee Spotlight, we have our amazing Zoey! She's a your go-to-girl for quotes and advising you to help you get the most out of your product! 

1. How long have you worked at Made By Cooper? 4 years and 6 months 2. What is your role at Made By Cooper? Sales Service Adviser 3. What is your favourite thing about your job? Helping make a customers idea a reality 4. What would you do (for a career) if you weren’t doing this? Conservation or with animals, a hands on job making a difference 5. What do you like to do in your spare time? What I like to do...

How Guts UK Raised Money For Their Charity

We have recently worked with Guts UK, who have created several promotional products with us. Guts UK have been aiming to increase their awareness through the use of the custom products we have made for them. Custom products are a great cost effective way to get your brand’s message out there and can be virtually placed on anyone and anywhere. Why not explore your options and see how you can use promotional products to increase your brand awareness?

Guts UK have used their enamel pins and trolley coins to gain vital...

Will You Be Our Valentine?

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about having a partner. There are plenty of people who you can show your love for this Valentine's Day. Spread the love to your family, friends or most importantly yourself. Self-love is more important than ever, especially after the last tough couple of years we’ve all endured. If you’re not spending time with a loved one, why not treat yourself this Valentine’s to a nice hot bath and a good book or watch your favourite series and remind yourself why you deserve love? 

Self-Love Club: The main love of our lives is ourselves and that should be celebrated not just on...

Get Ready For The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

Today marks the day of Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee, which celebrates her being on the throne for seventy years and the first British Monarch to achieve this milestone. Celebrations will take place from Thursday 2nd June - Sunday 5th June and will allow the British public to commemorate this special occasion. Although the official celebrations don’t begin until June, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Whether you’re celebrating among your community or in school, it’s important to honour this joyous affair and have something that will ensure you remember it for a lifetime.

One way to mark this special event is to create a