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Hope 4 Hearts FC Uses Pin Badges to Raise Funds

Hope 4 Hearts is a football club that participates in a weekly 6-a-side league and also takes part in a number of charity 11-a-side family fun days throughout the year. Hope 4 Hearts FC aims to raise money for charity Tiny Tickers, as the charity supported the family through a difficult time. The club has also now expanded into a support group for other bereaved families that find themselves in the same unfortunate circumstances that Steve and his family endured. 

In October 2020 their daughter Millie Hope Chandler was born with Transposition of the Greater Arteries (TGA) meaning she required open heart surgery at just 12 days old. The heart surgery was a success, but unfortunately further complications during her recovery sadly meant she passed away just 4 weeks and 4 days old. Tiny Tickers were a constant support for them throughout the pregnancy, upon Millie's arrival and also supported the family through bereavement. Now Steve and his family dedicate themselves to raising money to help this amazing cause.

To help them raise the vital funds needed to help this tremendous cause, they created some pin badges with us to sell for donations at any games or events they may attend. The pin badges are an extremely popular little accessory that are inexpensive, but the funds can go a long way to help other families like Steve’s. Due to them not costing a lot of money, it means they can be purchased by people of all ages to help the charity. Young children may want to help using their pocket money to purchase a badge, or adults can easily spend what they would on a coffee to donate that money to the charity instead. 

The Hope 4 Hearts FC enamel pins are also a brilliant conversation starter. They help raise awareness for small charities like Tiny Tickers that heavily rely on word of mouth and fundraising to continue the incredible work they do. 

Would you like to take a leaf out of Steve’s book and create custom pins that can help gain funds for a cause that’s close to your heart? Get in touch and we can discuss how our products can increase your brand awareness and raise funds for years to come.