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Uses For Enamel Pins

Enamel pins have always been cool to us, but in recent years they’ve gained some more traction (and rightly so!) with the rise of social media platforms, such as Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest. People from all walks of life now create pin badges and we’re absolutely here for it! Whether you collect pins or wear them, the possibilities are endless, however we’ve compiled a few of our favourites! 

Independent Artist 

People, now more than ever, have a side hustle on the go and to add to that are creating their own line of custom pins. Enamel pins allow your creative juices to flow and create something you love and better yet you can even wear it!  Whether you own a small Etsy store or have a fully fledged small biz, we can cater to your individual needs. 

Are you an artist and aren’t sure where to start with your pin collection? Get creative with current trends. Currently we’re loving pop culture pins, which are becoming increasingly popular in today’s meme generation. 

Customise Your Style 

Wanting to put your own unique stamp on your style? Pins are the perfect way to do that! Whether you simply want to add a pop of punk to your image or inject some personality into your clothing. 

Pins and patches can give your old clothing a new lease of life! You can totally revamp an old denim jacket simply by adding your favourite custom pins and/or patches

Bring Awareness

Pins are a great way to bring traction to a cause you’re passionate about. Wear your pin as a badge of honour to create awareness of your chosen charity or cause. 

We recently created some pins for the lovely Amelia Walters, which are aimed at bringing awareness to miscarriage mamas and a percentage of the profits go to Tommy’s charity. Why not do the same and bring attention to a cause you love?

Corporate Events 

Want to increase brand awareness for your company? Pins are an amazing way to do that! Not only do they draw attention to your brand, they also look professional whilst doing so. If your business regularly attends networking events, you can create badges with your company logo on to ensure you stay firmly in people’s minds. 

Have you had a colleague who always goes the extra mile? Why not honour their hard work with a pin? As humans we crave validation, so saying thank you with a pin is bound to go down a treat. 

For corporate or large quantity orders, we recommend our premium range of pins.  Our premium pins are made with the finest materials, quality and craftsmanship and are checked meticulously for any defects. Our premium pins are the perfect fit for reflecting your premium business. 

Show Your Appreciation 

Are you a loud and proud fan of your favourite band, artist or film franchise? Why not show your appreciation with custom designed pins? Create your own custom memorabilia to add to your ever growing pin collection or wear them with pride.

Whether you want to design and create your own Harry Potter pin badges or fancy sporting some Star Wars patches on your clothing, we are here to help you every step of the way. 

Up Your Interior Game 

Give your home some personality and accessorise your humble abode with pins. If you have a plethora of pins, then a cork board is ideal for showing off your collection. If you're a pin creator yourself, why not create an inspiring work place showcasing your enamel pins?